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Athyrium otophorum

6/7/2010 Athyrium otophorum 3 inches tall. Clump 4 inches wide, measured at frond tips capturing maximum width of plant. Fern grew well the first year of 2008, but declined in 2009. It appears barely alive in 2010.

This fern is typically late to leaf out. Fronds first emerge in June, occassionally waiting until July. Not a fern that grow well in our USDA Zone 5 garden. It survives for a few struggling years and eventually dies out.

7/7/2005 Athyrium otophorum purchased from Plant Delights (Raleigh, NC) died. First season (2005) produced healthy growth, but it declined in 2006 and 2007. Fern did not re-appear in the garden in 2008. B32.

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