Photograph Description and comments
Selaginella wallacei

5/18/2010 Selaginella wallacei new growth on stems.
5/18/2010 Selaginella wallacei stems creeping along pine needle covered forest floor.
5/30/2011 Selaginella wallacei is either nearly dead or just very slow to begin growing. As you can see, there is far less green showing than the image from last year. Still, some green is visable.

Selaginella wallacei was planted on 6/4/2009 (no image). It survived one winter and on 5/18/2010 displayed healthy growth and was recorded as spreading. On 21 June 2010, the pine forest hillside where this plant grew was damaged. The entire pine canopy was eliminated and much of the birch canopy was reduced. This former partial shade location was instantly transformed into full sun area. This abrupt change in growing conditions likely contributed to the decline (or death) of this selaginella.

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