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Habitat and Niches

Prairie Plants
Native plants.

Rock Garden
Low growing perennials.

Carnivorous Plants
Bog plants.

Garden Ferns (Temperate Ferns)
Native and exotic ferns.

Annual Plants
Trial Garden.

Noxious and Nuisance plants.

Insect and Disease
Plant pests, rusts, and fungus.

Aquatic Plants
Pond plants.

Martin's Woods
Mesic forest.

The Ridge's Sanctuary
Boreal forest.

Shade Gardens
Partial to full shade plants.

Sun Gardens
Full to partial sun plants.

Garden Topics

Phenology (Seasonal Blooming Dates)
Frost and Freeze dates. Growing season. Seed starting.

Light (Photosynthetic Spectrum)
Growing plants under artificial light.

Botanical Taxonomy (Nomenclature)
Plant names.

Krischan Gardens History (Garden Development)
Changes to our garden.

Pre-settlement Vegetation (Town of Vernon)
Vegetation of 1930s - 1960s

USDA Soil Map (Hochheim loam)
Krischan Garden Soils.

USDA Web Soil Survey
Visit USDA Soil Site.

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