Family Amaryllidaceae
Genus: Amaryllis. Genus of one species, Amaryllis belladonna, a bulbous perennial from South Africa (Zone 7). Cultivated into several varieties. Not commonly grown by gardeners.
Genus: Hippeastrum. Genus of several dozen species of bulbous perennials from South America (Zone 10). Most notable is a large flowering and commonly grown house plant that blooms in late winter. This plant is routinely (and incorrectly) called Amaryllis. Cultivated into several dozen varieties/hybrids.

Hippeastrum typically produce flowers of red, white, or pink. We list an example of each flower color in the table below. For more images, click on the link to the right of the flower.


Red flowering Hippeastrums

Wedding Dance

White flowering Hippeastrums


Pink flowering Hippeastrums

We grow and successfully flower several dozen Hippeastrum bulbs each year. Many have dependably bloomed year after year. Here's our procedure:

Hippeastrum 'Merry Christmas' (White)

We keep a record of which Hippeastrum bulbs bloom, the number of blooms, and how long each set of flowers last. There is considerable variation among the bulbs. Here are some of our bloom records:

'Vivaldi' 41 21 20
'Jewel' 43 15 20
'Picotee' 47 16 19
'Apple Blossum' 48 15 23
'Allure' 57 11 -
'Pamela' 68 20 21
'Pink Impression' 79 22 -
'Red Lion' 85 14 -
'Minerva' 90 9 -
'Rilona' 100 15 -
'Papillio' 100+ - -

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