High Intensity Discharge (HID)
How to assemble a High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting system.

Step 1. Lay out the HID lighting system components. The kit should contain a metal hood fixture, a high intensity light bulb, and a socket. In our example, our kit contains a Hydrofarm Super Grow Wing metal hood fixture, M59 bulb socket, and a Sylvania 400 watt Metal Halide (MH) lamp.

Step 2. Following the manufacturer's instructions and position the M59 bulb socket into metal hood fixture.

Step 3. Hook one side of the socket by a pre-installed screw set into the fixture.

Step 4. Install a second screw on the other side of the socket. The socket should be firmly attached to the side of the fixture.

Step 5. Insert the high intensity lamp into the socket and turn until tight. Don't touch the lamp with your bare hand during assembly. Since the lamp get extremely hot, fingerprints or oil on the lamp could cause the bulb to shatter during operation.

Step 6. Install a sheet of safely glass between the lamp and the open side of the fixture. In the event that the lamp shatters, broken glass will be contained within the fixture hood.

Step 7. Slide the safety glass into position.

Step 8. Locate the ballast unit that came with the kit. Note: Most ballasts are for either Metal Halide lamps or High Pressure Sodium lamps, not both. Only install the proper kind of lamp for your fixture and ballast.

Step 9. Hang the fixture to a secure hook with chain link. In our example, we screwed the ceiling hooks into the wood ceiling joists. The advantage of using chain link is that the fixture can be raised or lowered as your growing conditions demand.

Step 10. Plug the socket cord into the ballast and power on the unit.

Step 11. Invite a smoking hot female model over to pose with your orchids while you take photographs for this article.

Step 12. All finished. Your high intensity discharge lighting system is now ready to be enjoyed.

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