Listera cordata Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin
These images were taken on a June 22, 2007, hike at The Ridges Sanctuary. Listera cordata (Heartleaf Twayblade) is best spotted by its distinguished opposite leaves.
These plants grew on a sphagnum moss covered hummock beneath a tree canopy of medium tall hemlocks and cedars. There were several nearly identical mossy hummocks in the area, but the plant only grew on one. It's a tiny plant that can be easily missed, even when you know the location of a colony, you need to carefully study the ground before you spot it. The plant is about 4 inches tall and has one set of leaves. Leaves are about 0.7 inches long and slightly wavy. Individual flowers are about 0.3 inches wide. The flowers are stalked and attached in a cluster on a central spike (raceme) containing 10-16 flowers in total.
We counted 8 plants on our hike. This is the same number that we counted in 2003. The entire colony grew within a three foot section of the hummock and was found nowhere else on our hike. There are two plants displayed in this image. Can you find them? Plants are in the lower right and upper left of the photo.

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