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Iris lacustris

4/14/2010 Iris lacustris emerging. Growing in coarse moist sand under full sunlight.

    Natively found with these plants:
  • Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, Bearberry (WI), Kinnikinnick (USDA), Family Ericaceae
  • Comandra umbellata, Bastard Toadflax (USDA), Family Santalaceae
  • Cornus canadensis, Bunchberry (WI), Bunchberry Dogwood (USDA), Family Cornaceae
  • Fragaria virginiana, Virginia Strawberry (USDA), Family Rosaceae
  • Linnaea borealis, Twinflower (USDA), Family Caprifoliaceae
  • Maianthemum canadense, Canada Mayflower (USDA), Family Liliaceae
  • Maianthemum stellata (syn: Smilacina stellata), Starry False Lily Of The Valley (USDA), Family Liliaceae
  • Polygala paucifolia, Gaywings (USDA), Family Polygalaceae
6/01/2010 Iris lacustris flowering.

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