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Pre-settlement Vegetation
Town of Vernon - Town 05N Range 19E
(herbarium collection - date, section, botanist):
    Native Trees, Family Aceraceae
  1. Acer negundo, Box Elder (1965 sect. 12, S. Goodrich)
  2. Acer nigrum, Black Maple (1931 Martins Woods, Norman Fassett)
  3. Acer rubrum, Red Maple (1977 Fox River, J. Hinich)
  4. Acer saccharum, Sugar Maple (1932 Big Bend, A. Throne)
    Native Trees, Family Betulaceae
  1. Carpinus caroliniana, American Hornbeam (1930 Big Bend, A. Throne)
  2. Corylus americana, American Hazelnut (no town collection)
  3. Ostrya virginiana, Hophornbeam / Ironwood (1977 sect. 22, J. Hinich)
    Native Trees, Family Fagaceae
  1. Quercus alba, White Oak (1965 sect. 32, Robert Ahrens)
  2. Quercus bicolor, Swamp White Oak (1966 sect. 22, Martin Piehl)
  3. Quercus ellipsoidalis, Northern Pin Oak / Hill's Oak (no town collection)
  4. Quercus macrocarpa, Bur Oak (1965 sect. 12, S. Goodrich)
  5. Quercus muehlenbergii, Chinkapin Oak (no town collection), Special Concern
  6. Quercus rubra, Northern Red Oak (no town collection)
  7. Quercus velutina, Black Oak (1965 sect. 12, S. Goodrich)
    Native Trees, Family Juglandaceae
  1. Carya cordiformis, Bitternut Hickory (1938 Martins Woods, Chester Cook)
  2. Juglans cinerea, Butternut (1938 Fox River, Chester Cook), Special Concern
  3. Juglans nigra, Black Walnut (1938 Martins Woods, Chester Cook)
    Native Trees, Family Oleaceae
  1. Fraxinus americana, White Ash (1961 sect. 23 Rolfink farm, Ralph Peters)
  2. Fraxinus nigra, Black Ash (1938 Martins Woods, Chester Cook)
  3. Fraxinus quadrangulata, Blue Ash (1938 Martins Woods, Chester Cook), Threatened
    Native Trees, Family Rutaceae
  1. Ptelea trifoliata, Common Hoptree (1991 Martins Woods, N. Luebke), Special Concern shrub
  2. Zanthoxylum americanum, Prickly Ash (1938 Martins Woods, Chester Cook)
    Native Trees, Family Tiliaceae
  1. Tilia americana, American Basswood (1965 sect. 12, S. Goodrich)

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