Family Loganiaceae
Genus: Spigelia. Pinkroot family (Loganiaceae), notable for pink flowers, late spring bloomer.

Photograph Spigelia species 'variety'
Description and comments
Spigelia marilandica 'Little Redhead'

Common Name: = Woodland Pinkroot (USDA).
Exotic to Wisconsin. Native to Southeastern United States. Late spring perennial with red and yellow flowers. Grows to 12 inches.
Grown in trial bed: B53
Grower: 4/20/2007 Plant Delights (Raleigh, NC).

Desc: Grown in full sun, richly composted raised bed. Erect and sturdy branches. Typical height 24 inches.

7/7/2008 Spigelia marilandica 'Little Redhead' nice green lush foliage, substantial new growth. Clump is expand. Attractive and abundant flowers. Outstanding garden plant! B53.

6/10/2010 Spigelia marilandica 'Little Redhead' flowering. B53.
6/10/2010 Spigelia marilandica 'Little Redhead' closeup of flower. B53.
6/14/2011 Spigelia marilandica 'Little Redhead' forming flower buds. B53.

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